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  Trudy Anne Monk




Trudy Anne Monk

October 10th, 1962 - December 14th, 1997

Beloved Wife and Daughter



Protrayed by: Stellina Rusich and Melora Hardin

(Season One and Two - Rusich), (Season Three till Now - Hardin)

In Flashbacks by: Lindy Newton (Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion)



~Who is Trudy Monk?~


Trudy Anne Monk is the late wife of former San Francisco Police Department detective Adrian Monk and the daughter of Dwight and Marsha Ellison. Trudy was protrayed by Stellina Rusich in the first two season and Melora Hardin is playing the role currently.



~Trudy's Education~


She attenended the Ashton Prepartatory School, and graduated valedictorian in 1977. Then went on to graduated from Berkeley, majored in journalism. Trudy was quiet, smart, and didn't date much.



~Adrian and Trudy - Bread and Butter~


Trudy met and fell in love with Adrian during his senior year in 1980. Adrian and Trudy were married on August 8th, 1990. They honeymooned at the Allaco Inn/Winery.



~Monks vs Biederbeck~


Trudy was involved in a lawsuit with Dale Biederbeck, better known as Dale The Whale in 1993 because she referred to him as the "Genghis Khan of Finance". Bierderbeck was unable to win the lawsuit but, he dragged it on long enough until the Monks lost their house to pay for lawyers cost.



~Trudy's Murder~


Trudy was murdered on December 14th, 1997 at 9a.m., by a car bomb built by the late Warrick Tennyson. Tennyson was hired by a "Six- Fingered Man" who he could not identify. Trudy's last words were "Bread and Butter". It was something that she often used to say to Adrian, when they were walking together and had to let go of each others' hands to let a post or a crowd of people go between them. It was her way of saying "Even though we're apart, we're still together.






~Facts About Trudy~



Trudy used to put a cinnamon stick in her coffee to sweeten it.


She had a keychain with the letter 'T' that Adrian now uses.


She had a golden retriever named Ginger as a child.


She played tennis in high school.


   She like Alexander Pope's poetry.


She competed in equestrain sports (horsebackriding events).


She loved Willie Nelson.


She also loved rock bands.


She wore lilac lotion that Adrian didn't like.


She knew someone named Quincey, who's birthday was the day before she was killed.


Her father likes BMWs and her mother is a grief counselor.


Her father is a television producer.


She grew up in Los Angeles.


Adrian thought she drove fast.


South Park Trudy


"The snows that burn away
Like tears of god
Reveal the world anew
We are reborn
Nothing is lost forever"

—Trudy Monk


Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk


Adrian and Trudy


"Trudy always said that marriage was 90 percent love and ten percent forgiveness. She was married to me, so she was sort of an expert on forgiveness."


—Adrian Monk


Mr. Monk Goes To A Wedding




~The Actresses Behind Trudy Anne Monk~




Stellina Rusich


Stellina Rusich was born in Edmondton, Alberta, Canada. She has had many movie and television credits. She is also credited as Stella Rusich.


Stellina Rusich imdb.com Profile




Melora Hardin


Melora Diane Hardin was born on June 29th, 1967, in Houston Texas. She is a former child actress, and a singer. She is the daughter of actor Jerry Hardin and acting manager Diane Hardin, and the sister of producer Shawn Hardin. She currently is a cast member on The Office, as corporate manager Jan Levinson. Melora is married with two daughters, Rory and Piper.


Melora Hardin's Official Website




~Teresa's Trudy Site~






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