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***Story Time***



These are two stories I wrote a couple years ago. I hope you will like them. Warning: These stories are Monk and Sharona shipper. I hope to write a non-shipper story with Natalie soon.



***Mr. Monk and a Friend in Need***

Adrian and Sharona were just finishing up a case that they were working on, when they got a phone call at Sharona's place. Sharona picked up the phone and answered it, after that she began to cry and said, “How?” This alerted Adrian. He knew that if Sharona was crying then something big must have been wrong. After a few minutes Sharona hung up the phone and the tears continued to fall.

Adrian asked, “Sharona are you alright?”

She replied, “No. The phone call was about my mother. She died last night.” Sharona began to say to Adrian, “I don't know what I’m gonna do without her,” and started to walk towards Monk. She threw her arms around him and continued to cry.

Adrian kind of resisted at first and asked, “What are you doing?”

She said, “I need a shoulder to cry on and there is no one else to turn to.”

Adrian was shocked. He asked, “Is there anything I can do?” Adrian knew how it felt to lose someone. “How did she die?”

Sharona replied, “A heart attack.” Sharona was shocked and confused about what had happened. She asked Monk, “How can I live on without her?”

He said, “I don't know.” Adrian went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water, when he got back he gave Sharona the glass and she said “thank you.” Sharona began to tell him that she didn't know if she could take care of him anymore. He was disappointed but he knew that she had always been there for him. Adrian began to consider that maybe he should be there for her this time. He asked her, “What can I do?” The last thing Sharona wanted was to be alone. So, he sat down beside her and began to put his arm around her to comfort her. Adrian wanted to go home but he couldn't leave Sharona alone. It was getting late and
both of them were getting tired so Adrian asked, “Sharona do you want me to go home, because I'm getting tired?”

She replied, “I can't be alone tonight. Would you mind spending the night?” She asked him to lie back on the couch and hold her, where both of them could get some sleep.

Monk hadn't done anything like that since Trudy's death. Then he began to think about how both of them lost someone very close to them. He also remembered that Trudy's parents didn't blame him for her death. Maybe it was time to move on. He knew that he had to take care of Sharona. Then he realized that Sharona had always looked out for him and possibly loved him in a way. Then, Adrian began to kiss her on the forehead, but before he did, she awoke.

“What are you doing?” Sharona asked him.

He said, “I was going to kiss you on the forehead but you woke up.”

She looked stunned. He wouldn't touch anyone or anything much less kiss someone. She asked, “Why?”

He replied, “I know how it is to lose someone too, I reckon I just wanted you to feel better.”

Shockingly, Sharona kissed him and said, “That might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” Sharona had loved Monk all along, although he would get her mad at times. She liked the excitement of his job and the kindness of Adrian’s heart. There was something that both of them wanted to say to each other but didn't know how to say it. “Adrian?” said Sharona.

Then Adrian said, “Sharona?”

Then they both said, “I love you,” at the same time. Both of them smiled and said “I love you too.” Sharona was happy knowing that Adrian would be truthful, honest, and caring toward her. Adrian was finally happy to be at peace with Trudy.

The End.



***Sharona's Bad Day***


Sharona was running errands around town when a car collided into hers and caused an accident. The other car sped off. Sharona was alive, but hurt badly.

Stottlemeyer and Disher got the call of a hit and run, and when they got to the accident scene, they couldn’t believe that Sharona was involved in the crash. The ambulance took her to the hospital, where the Captain calls Monk with the bad news.

When the phone rang at Monk's place and the captain told him what happened, his eyes began to water and he said, “I'm on my way.” When Monk got to the hospital, Sharona was in her room but unconscious. Monk asked the Captain, “What happened?”

“It was a hit and run.”

“Is Sharona going to be alright?”

“The doctors said that if she regains consciousness, she should be alright,” the Captain replied.

Monk was depressed, but he knew that there was a crime to solve. He asked to see the crime scene. When Monk, the Captain, and Randy arrived at the crime scene, Monk began to put the pieces of the puzzle together so to speak. He found some different color paint that did not match Sharona's car, and he also found some car parts the other car had left. They ran the car pieces and the paint, and they came up with a match and a name. The name also came up in other hit and runs. Monk personally wanted to pick this guy up, but the Captain refused to let Monk go along.

“You’re too involved in this case, Monk,” Stottlemeyer said. “Go back to the hospital. Check on Sharona and make sure she’s okay.”

When Monk got to the hospital Sharona’s condition hadn't changed. Monk pulled up a chair beside her and began to cry softly. He couldn't stand to lose the one person who meant so much to him after Trudy's death. He began to apologize about making Sharona mad so many times, but he also appreciated the things that she had done for him.

Later on, that night while Monk was asleep in the chair, he had a dream. He was at an unmarked grave and it was raining. He saw someone behind a tree; it was Trudy. Monk was amazed. Trudy began to tell him that she was sorry about Sharona’s condition. She also told him that if he didn't tell Sharona his true feelings about her, he might lose her for good. Then there was a clap of lighting, Monk woke up, and it was morning. He began to recall his dream. Monk took Sharona's hand in his (without wiping it down) and began to tell her how much she really meant to him. When he got to the part where he told Sharona that he loved her, she awoke and heard it. She turned to him and said, “I love you too.”

The End.


Disclaimer: Monk and it's characters belong to USA Network.



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