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An inside look into the Monk family.


Jack Monk - Jack Monk is the father of Adrian and Ambrose. He is originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania and is a writer, but currently drives trucks (18 wheelers). Jack abandoned his young family (Adrian, Ambrose, and their mother) while running out to pick up an order of Chinese food. Adrian was eight years old at the time. After he left, Adrian and Ambrose didn't hear from him until thirty years later. While he was away, Jack fathered another son named, Jack Jr. When Monk's father returned to San Francisco in 2006, he was arrested for running a red light and resisting arrest. He was bailed out by Adrian, who did not forgive him for leaving at first, but after solving a murder involving Jack's boss, they bonded again.


Mother Monk - Adrian and Ambrose's mother passed away in 1994. No know reason is known, yet.


Ambrose Monk - Ambrose Monk is the younger brother of Adrian Monk. He suffers from agoraphobia. (Fear of going outside) He also has a romantic interest in Natalie Teeger. Ambrose blames himself for the death of Adrian's wife, Trudy. At Ambrose's request, Trudy was out buying him cough medicine when she was murdered by a car bomb. Guilt-ridden, Ambrose avoided all contact with Adrian for seven years after the incident. Ambrose and Adrian has always has a strong bond with their father. He writes owner's manuals for different products in other languages he taught himself.


Jack Jr. - He lives in Baltmore, Maryland and is a well known and repected orthopedic surgeon. Jack Sr. also left his mother too.




Adrian Monk



Jack Monk



Ambrose Monk



~Photos of Adrian and Ambrose~

Adrian and Ambrose  

Ambrose and Adrian





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