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  Leland Stottlemeyer




Captain Leland Stottlemeyer

Played by Ted Levine

Quote: "One Big Damn Donut!"



~The Captain~

Leland Stottlemeyer is a captain in the San Francisco Police Department. He was born in 1956. After spending time in the military back in the '70s, Leland got into law enforcement and was the youngest guy to ever make detective in the San Francisco Police Department. He and Karen (his ex-wife) married in 1985, when he was 29. They were married for 20 years, but they have been together since they were kids. Karen divorced from Leland in season four. Lately, he has been dating a high-profile real estate agent named Linda Fusco but, she killed her real estate partner, Sean Corcoran and was sent to prison. Leland has two son with Karen, Jared and Max. He also plays guitar.

Stottlemeyer drives a black 2002 Ford Crown Victoria issued by the SFPD. But in season six, in the episode Mr. Monk and the Three Juiles, Leland bought a black, late model, Dodge Charger. But it ends up in the shop after two wrecks when Natalie went to check up on Julie after hearing her name on the police radio being involve in a homicide, it wasn't her though, it was just a woman with the same name. At the end of the episode, Julie gives Stottlemeyer a ride in her car.






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