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  Adrian Monk




Adrian Monk

Played by Tony Shalhoub

Quote: "You'll thank me later."


~The Adrian Monk Story~

Adrian Monk was once a rising star with the SFPD, legendary for using unconventional means to solve the department's most baffling cases. But after the tragic murder of his wife, Trudy, Monk became obsessive-compulsive. His psychological disorder has caused him to develop an abnormal fear of everything germs, heights, crowds, even milk. Monk's condition eventually cost him his job, and continues to pose unique challenges in his everyday life.


  Those daily challenges eventually forced Monk to hire a nurse, Sharona Fleming, who was always there to offer her assistance when even the simplest of tasks became an angst-ridden ordeal for Monk. Along the way, Sharona also became Monk's own "Girl Friday," an unlikely Dr. Watson to his Sherlock Holmes.


  When Sharona moved back to New Jersey with her son to remarry her ex-husband, Monk once again became unable to function in his life, let alone solve crimes. He slowly comes out of his funk when he meets Natalie Teeger, a single mom and who enlists Monk's help when her home gets broken into twice within a week. Monk takes on her case only to find that the more time he spends with Natalie and her young daughter, the more he feels a connection with her - one that is reminiscent of his special relationship with Sharona. 


Fun facts: Adrian Monk was born in 1959 in San Francisco, CA. He is five foot, ten inches tall and his favorite color is brown. Adrian graduated from Berkely in 1981, where he garnered the nick name "Captain Cool". He also has a letter keyring (T) that Trudy gave him. His favorite water was Sierra Springs until the episode, Mr. Monk Bumps His Head, now it's Summit Creek.


These actors have played the role of Adrian when he was younger, (In Flashbacks) Justin Peroff (Marathon Man), Grant Rosenmeyer (Little Monk), and Luiggi Debiasse (Class Reunion).





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