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These poems are written by me. Hope you like them.



Humming Bird

"December 14th, 1997,

Trudy Monk dies,

but, her vision still lives on."

~Inspired by Stays Up All Night~

Humming Bird

"Even though she is gone,

Adrian still can look into the eyes, of the only woman,

he ever loved."

~Inspired by Stays Up All Night~


Humming Bird

"December 14th,

A day of death and renewal."

~Inspired by Stays Up All Night~


Humming Bird


"Is that Captain America,



No, it was Randy in his PJs."

~Inspired by Stays Up All Night~


Humming Bird


 "Adrian was blinded,

But, not by Trudy beauty

But, by a criminal."

~Inspired by Can't See A Thing~


Humming Bird


"Many people try to fool Monk

But, as always

Monk has the last laugh."


Humming Bird


"Trudy's eyes were blue,

her hair golden,

To Adrian, she was the pefrect the woman."


Humming Bird


"What kind of dog would Adrian want?

A spotless domation."



Humming Bird


"Adrian and Harold,

Where to begin,

I'm glad I'm not Dr. Kroger."


Humming Bird


"A wife,

A mother,

A bartender,

An assistant,

Natalie Teeger has many titles."


Humming Bird


"Traylor is a beautiful lady,

who's soon to have a baby,

Couldn't happen to a nicer lady."


Humming Bird


"Noise, crowds, germs

A rock concert,

Not the place for Adrian Monk."

~Inspired by Rock Concert~


Humming Bird


"Bags and Bags of garbage ...

Line up in front of Adrian's place

Waiting for a garbage truck that will never come."

~Inspired by Garbage Strike~



Humming Bird


 "It's a rainy day...

Let Adrian get his umbrella..

Because the only raindrops he want hitting him...

Are made from Sierra Springs."


Humming Bird


"When Natalie and Sharona meet, ...

Will they become friends or enemies,

Only time will tell."

~Inspired by Mr. Monk and The Two Assistants~


Humming Bird


"Adrian and Natalie ...

Have lost so much ...

At least they have each other."


Humming Bird


"Adrian is always in pain,

But, the best medicine is ...

For him to find out who killed Trudy."


Humming Bird


"As the years went by ...

Trudy's beauty ...

Never aged to Adrian."


Humming Bird


 "To find out who killed Trudy,

Find the six-fingered man,

He holds all the answers."


Humming Bird






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