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  Christmas In Monkland


 Home at Christmas Time

~"Christmas In Monkland"~



Season Greetings!


Brenda Lee's "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree"

(To hear the song, click on the link above).

Merry Christmas!




Snow  snow


~Christmas Pictures of The Gang~


Mr. Monk and the Secert Santa   Mr. Monk and the Secert Santa   Mr. Monk and the Secert Santa


Leland and Randy Singing "O' Holy Night" from The Secert Santa Episode

(To hear them perform, click on the link above).

Have A Listen.


Mr. Monk Meets His Dad   Mr. Monk Meets His Dad   Mr. Monk Meets His Dad


Candy Cane



             Santa Adrian   Reindeer



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Snowman   House    Reindeer



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~From Our Family To Yours!~




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~12 Days To A Monk Christmas~


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

12 working vaccuums
11 poles a-counted
10 sandwich slices
9 zones of garbage
8 inspectors checking
7 maids a-cleaning
6 jugs of Clorox
5 packs of wipes!
4 matching shirts
3 ironed laces
2 level levels
and a shiney gold wedding band!


Courtesy of: Raven at the USA Network Monk Message Forum



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~The Night Before Christmas~


'Tis the day before our Monk
And all through our houses;
Every Monk fan is stirring
Even Monk-loving mouses.

We're all getting ready
For tomorrow night's show;
Monk's Dad is a trucker
And Monk's gonna go

On a trucking adventure
With long-lost old Dad;
They're finally together
How can it be bad?

Well---Monk in a semi??
Eatin' at a greasy spoon??
Their food's always touching
It may make him swoon.

But he wants to see his Dad
So he goes where Dad goes;
Will Dad tell why he left them?
Our Adrian and Ambrose.

Will Monk finally be full of
Some good Christmas cheer?
And stop begging Natalie
To "Get me out of here"??

All Monk fans will know that
The writers do it just right;
To make our Monk Christmas joyful
We'll all have a Good Night.


Courtesy of: meme at the USA Network Monk Message Forum



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~Christmas Poem~


On a silent night
Late at night.
Adrian feels calm.
the Christmas tree bright.
Natalie and Julie,
bonded mother and child.
All brought together
In friendship and smiles.
Adrian holds tightly to
Trudy's last gift.
Julie delights in snow
gently falling like mist.
Adrian hold Trudy's pillow
As he drifts off to sleep.
Natalie dreams of her
Lost husband, Mitch.
To sleep in heavenly peace
Dreaming of loved ones
They all rest in peace.


On the first day of Christmas
Dr. Kroger gave to me, o
ne free
to be used only
In a dire Emergency.
"I bet he gave Harold three!"

On the second day of Christmas
Sharona sent to me, two frozen
Home-made Chicken pot pies to be eaten
Only on a Tuesday.
"They look deliciously yummy!"

On the third day of Christmas
Benji sent to me, three mixed
Up Clue games so I won't
remember who got killed In the library.
"Did he forget my fantastic memory?"

On the fourth day of Christmas
Leland gave to me, four singing
Lessons so I can sing on key
The next time I sing karaoke.
"Did he forget I have a better sinnging voice than he?"

On the fifth day of Christmas
Randy gave to me, five copies
Of his latest Randy Disher Project
"Don't Need No Badge" CD.
"I think I'll give them all away to my enemies."

On the sixth day of Christmas
Kevin gave to me, six talking books
Of Sherlock Holmes he recorded
Himself, to keep me company.
"His grating voice is driving me more crazy!"

On the seventh day of Christmas
Harold gave to me, seven self help
Books on combating OCD so I
Don't touch every thing I see.
"He's just so jealous of Dr. Kroger seeing me!"

On the eighth day of Christmas
Ambrose gave to me, eight pens
Of Dad's, the old-fashioned ink type
To keep them in the family.
"Would he get mad if I tossed them in the sea?"

On the ninth day of Christmas
Julie gave to me, nine comet
Goldfish to keep my comet company
And as friends for Mr. Henry.
"Like the first comet I'll wait for spring to set them free."

On the tenth day of Christmas
Natalie gave to me, ten pairs of
Brown Socks each wrapped up
Seperately in it's
own Baggie.
"Bought with money she borrowed from me!"

On the eleventh day of Christmas
Jack Sr. gave to me, eleven innertube
Patch kits for the bicycle he finally
Bought for me.
"I bet he thinks I fall off and skinned both my knees!"

On the twelveth day of Christmas
My true love, Trudy, came to me, bringing
Twelve happy memories of the way things
Use to be.
"...And I still keep her last gift unwrapped beneath the Christmas tree."


Courtesy of: Kees_Lady at the USA Network Monk Message Forum



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~Monk Christmas Card~


'Twas The Night Before Christmas - (Retold from Monk's perspective)


Credit: Unknown

Here's a fun little holiday item: 

Elf Yourself

(Be patient: It might take a few minutes to load. It's a flash deal.)  

Courtesy of: Teresa at the USA Network Monk Message Forum

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~Monkish Advent Calander~


Click on it!

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~Some Cool Stuff From USA Network~

Monk Holiday Greeting Cards

Monk Holiday Tips

Monk Holiday Wish Lists

Monk Holiday Trivia

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~Monk Christmas Wallpaper~

Monk Christmas Wallpaper 


Courtesy of: USA Network

Monk Christmas Wallpaper

Courtesy of: metacomet at the USA Network Monk Message Forum


Monk Christmas Wallpaper

Courtesy of: szynek at the USA Network Monk Message Forum

Monk Christmas Wallpaper   Monk Christmas Wallpaper

Courtesy of: metacomet at the USA Network Monk Message Forum

Monk Christmas Wallpaper   Monk Christmas Wallpaper

Courtesy of: KeloHeyata at the USA Network Monk Message Forum


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