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Mr. Monk and the Chess Game 

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Are You Monk-ish?


Monk's Mind Game


Monk Concentration Game


Monk Shui





Monk Puzzle Game


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Monk's Mind Machine Game


Monk's Germicide


Could You Be Monk's Assistant?



Games courtesy of USA Network.





 ***Mr. Monk Visits South Park***


Adrian   Natalie   Sharona

Trudy   Dr. Kroger   Randy Disher Project

Leland    Ambrose

     Adrian and Trudy


First Row: Adrian Monk, Natalie Teeger, and Sharona Fleming

Second Row: Trudy Monk, Dr. Charles Kroger, and Randy Disher

Third Row: Leland Stottlemeyer and Ambrose Monk

Last Row: Adrian and Trudy Monk



***Guest Stars On Monk***


Dale the Whale   Willie Nelson   Wedny Mass

Leigh    Mrs. Ling    Marci Maven

Ian Agnewaka   Spyder Rudner   Commisioner Brooks

Joe Christie   Agent Grooms   Tommy

Kevin   Julian Hodge   Cora

Steve Wagner   JoAnne Raffleson   Alice Cooper

Sheriff Margie Butterfield   Marci Maven   Snoop Dogg

Chance Singer   Linda Fusco   Peter Magneri


First Row: Dale The Whale, Willie Nelson, and Wendy Mass

Second Row: Leigh (Flight Attendant), Mrs. Ling, and Marci Maven

Third Row: Ian Agnew, Spyder Rudner, and Commissioner Brooks

Fourth Row: Joe Christie, Agent Grooms, and Tommy Grazer

Fifth Row: Kevin Dorfman, Julian Hodge, and Cora

Sixth Row: Steve Wagner, David Ruskin, and Alice Cooper

Seventh Row: Sheriff Margie Butterfield, Marci Maven, Snopp Dogg

Last Row: Chance Singer, Linda Fusco, Peter Magneri



Courtesy of: Liv

To view more her work, click here.





***Monk Alphabet***


 A is for Adrian Monk
B is for Bitty Schram
C is for Captain Stottlemeyer
D is for Doctor Kroger
E is for Evenness
F is for Foot Wine that Adrian don't drink anymore
G is for Gift that Adrian never open from Trudy
H is for Harold Krenshaw
I is for Ice, that Sharona won't let Adrian drive on in hell
J is for Julie Teeger
K is for Karen Stottlemeyer, the ex Mrs. Stottlemeyer
L is for Level Checking Level
M is for Moist Towelettes
N is for Newcomer Natalie Teeger
O is for Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder
P is for Phobias
Q is for Quirks that Adrian have
R is for Randall Disher
S is for Six finger man who hold all the clues
T is for Trudy Anne Monk
U is for USA Network
V is for Varla Davis, the replacement nurse
W is for Water is supplied by Sierra Springs
X is for X rated photos of Sharona
Y is for You'll Thank Me Later
Z is for Zero spots were hurt while creating this song




***What Are They Thinking?***



Adrian: A toast to the fans.



Randall: Does this suit make me look fat?


Natalie Sharona

Traylor and Bitty: (Thinking) Didn't we already do this shot.



Randy: I'd like a couple of these photos for my mom, I meant my girlfriend.




***Monk Quotes***


Leland: "Could we not make this a personal thing? This is not about who Daddy loves more."


Adrian: I'm Adrian... Monk. You can call me Adrian... Monk.



Adrian: "He was a thirsty victim."
Sharona: "PERFECT victim."



Leland: "Sweetheart, I'm gonna strangle Monk, then I'll call you right back."



Leland to Darwin: Are you laughing at me? I said are you laughing at me?



Sharona: Tired?
Randy: Yeah I was up all night with my girlfriend.
Sharona: Oh those imaginary girlfriends can be pretty wild.
Randy: She's not imaginary.
Sharona: Oh. What's her name?
Randy: Crystal.
Sharona: What's her last name? Glassware?



Adrian: It's Sierra Springs! and it's free.



Adrian: Hello. My name is Adrian Monk.
Tommy: Monk.
Adrian: That's right. I'm working with the police department. Techniually I'm here as a consultant. Do you understand consultant?
Natalie: Mr. Monk, he isn't going to get that.
Adrian: An advisor. Sort of an adjunk.
Leland: Monk, I don't know what an Adjunk is.





***Adrian Monk's Phobia List***


1. Germs 20. Tap water
2. Needles 21. Noises
3. Snakes 22. Touching
4. Milk 23. Feet
5. Heights 24. Flying
6. Crowds 25. Pretty Women
7. Death 26. Imperfection
8. Lightning 27. Dogs
9. Elevators 28. Cats
10. Mushrooms 29. Rabbits
11. Disorder 30. Monkeys
12. Dark 31. Bridges
13. Enclosed spaces 32. Public speaking
14. Dirt 33. Flies
15. Spiders 34. Slime
16. Driving 35. Birds
17. Bullies 36. Rivers
18. Fire 37. Tunnels
19. Puppets 38. Caves



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