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Season one's theme was composed by Jeff Beal.

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The current theme "It's A Jungle Out There" is composed by Randy Newman.

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Willie Nelson and Tony Shalhoub Peforming "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"



"Ain't No Sunshine" Performed by Ted Levine



Monk's Call To 911



"O Holy Night" Performed by Ted Levine and Jason Gray Stanford




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"There's Nothing Wrong With You"


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Lionel Lodge

Picture of Lionel Lodge


Lionel Lodge is a singer/songwriter currently based in Vienna, Austria, who wrote a song for Monk called "There's Nothing Wrong With You". He says, "I want to share this song with all Monk fans as it is a song of encouragement, an arm around the shoulder (maybe not actually touching the shoulder) for when one feels on the outside of society."



This is what he had to say about the song over at the USA Network Monk Forum.



"The song really came out of one of his shows where he was trying to be friends with other cops. He was at a crime scene trying to make small talk with two other policemen. He had cards that he was reading with notes on things to say in a casual conversation. It was so sad to watch. And after he walked away they laughed at him. He knew they would. I wanted someone to be his friend. So I wrote the song that evening and have sung it at every show I have done since, talking about the Monks of the world in the intro and how empathy is one of the greatest human abilities and one that we should all practise regularly."


"I teach some music students here in Vienna. I teach in a highly respected private school here where most of the students come from very well to do families. My students seem to be on the outside of the social web of the school, the kinda strange ones that are more artistic than most, the ones that are seen as a little weird. And I tell them that the people we look back on with respect, the people who have stood out from the rest usually were seen as kinda strange by the people around them. That the great people of our past and present were not the most socially popular but had the strength to be themselves and to stand up and say "this is who I am, like it or not, and this is the way I want to live my life". So I tell them to be proud of being different from the pack and not to let the others diminish their dreams and their goals. I feel Monk stands for this kind of courage."


You can download the song for free from his myspace page, http://www.myspace.com/lionellodgemusic or check out all his CDs at http://www.lionellodge.com



"There's Nothing Wrong With You"



It's a well accepted fact
Everyone sane will agree it's true
Just ask anyone
There ain’t nothing wrong with you

So you don't like some things
And you have a phobia or two
But that don't make you crazy
There ain’t nothing wrong with you

It's no wonder you're the way you are
Trapped in this world that's really such a mess
You really don't have to look very far
To see it's such a mess, such a dangerous, scary mess

Some might say you're cracked
But they don't see you like I do
They might laugh behind your back
But there ain’t nothing wrong with you

So this world makes you nervous
Many sane folks feel that too
And the streets are filled with chaos, yeah I know
But there ain't nothing wrong with you
It's just all such a mess, such a dangerous, scary mess

All you wanna do is fix things
That really are quite askew
Maybe you're the only one who sees them, yeah I know
But there ain’t nothing wrong with you

So you got some issues
But nothing we can't work through
But I do think you worry a little too much
But there ain’t nothing wrong with you

It's a well accepted fact
Anyone sane will agree it's true
Just ask anyone
There ain’t nothing wrong with you



Words and Music by Lionel Lodge
All Rights Reserved
C P Lionel Lodge 2006




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